Why Spend Local?

With online sales and large retailers continuing to lower prices and eliminate competition, local economies are being affected at a record breaking pace. It is time for you to stand up and commit to spending your dollars locally.

Shopping local is crucial to your community.  #WeSpendLocal exists to emphasize the importance of this principle.
$68 of every $100 goes back into your community when it is spent locally. Only $2 to $14 goes back to your community when you choose large corporations or online retailers. Make a smart choice and choose to continue to invest back into the community in which you live.

When you purchase from a local business, you aren't paying for another grand vacation, new car, or summer house for a large company CEO. You are purchasing from your neighbors who will use that money to purchase new soccer cleats for their kids, or groceries for their families.  

YOU have the power to make a difference in your community!